Alterations – Restyling

Do you own an out-of-fashion leather or fur-coat sweater which you no longer feel you can wear? In our shop we take over to make your old fashioned fur as a new. We are able of taking in, widening, shortening and elongating your old fur. Furthermore, we can restyle your fur in a new design of your fondness, without you spending much money. We can restyle or dye your old leather jackets. You can contact with us and upon request you send us your fur or leather jacket and we undertake its manufacture. Once we receive it, we will assess the status. We will contact with you about the price and if you agree, we will start the manufacture. The time that it takes, considering the restyle, is from 5 to 10 days and we will send it back at our own expenses.

Some examples:

  • Change the length on the sleeves of your leather or fur clothes.
  • Add or remove cuffs, collar, fur hood, trims to any type of coat.
  • Change interior lining, buttons, hooks on fur coats and accessories, in any design, color or material you wish.
  • Size modifications in fur and leather clothes.​

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.