Filippos Furs & Fashion

Our business was founded in 1960 as a local workshop that specialized in fur cloth manufacturing, located in one of the main areas of the fur industry of Greece, in a town called Siatista, located near Kastoria. Our business gradually expanded its operations and entered the trading sector. We started with multiple retail shops in various areas in Greece, whereas our wholesale trade was operated from our main facilities in Siatista. Over the decades, we designed and manufactured any kind of fur and leather products. Our beautiful and elegant designs of fur clothes and accessories as well as leather products fulfill our customers’ expectations. High quality and strict manufacturing standards accompanied by low prices is one of our strongest aspects. We specialize in many kinds of fur, like Mink, Fox, Raccoon, Rabbit, Chinchilla, and more. Our raw materials come from legitimate auctions that trade products from certified farms that are located around the globe. We carefully choose our raw materials, to ensure that our products will be of excellent quality. Our highly trained and experienced staff allows us to guarantee exceptional quality in every stage of the manufacturing process. Our objective is to always offer our customers the highest quality products and remarkable customer service. A decade ago, our business expanded its trading operations, by broadening its product catalog with house decoration products, bags, purses, footwear, and many others. Our vision is to offer high-quality fashion products everywhere in the world. Exploiting the latest technological advancements, in the year 2020 we opened our official retail e-shop enabling us to offer our products worldwide fulfilling this vision.


Made in Siatista, Greece